The Gar-Gano company offers two Studex professional ear piercing kits that are designed to generate income for the user. Each kit contains an ear piercing instrument, ear piercing studs, and accessories with full detailed instructions to help the user pierce any ear safely. A short training video or hands-on training is available with any online purchase. When the user is finished using the studs they can re-order them at an average cost of $2.00/pair. All accessory items (gels, lotions, release forms, External link opens in new tab or windowsurgical ear piercing studs markers, and signs) are always complimentary.

These exclusively designed Studex ear piercing kits help to offer a seamless fashion statement for the users. One can buy these best-in-class ear-piercing products and allied gears at the lowest available prices with no minimal order requirement. Along with being a status and wealth symbol, these eye-catching studs and earrings help to bring in more recognition and prosperity for people. Being the leading supplier of world-class sterilized ear piercing studs wholesale throughout the USA since 1989, the Gar-Gano company asserts its trustworthiness. The ear-piercing studs wholesale come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Kits start at $69.00.