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System 75 Gold Ball 24K 5mm $6.99

5mm size Gold Ball 24K gold plated Retail charge: $25-$35 per pair AVAILABLE IN PERSONAL PIERCER KIT: ADD $1.25 System 75 was designed as an easy-to-use, disposable cartridge ear piercing system to meet the demands of the professionals. System 75 offers the safest ear piercing available today. Every piercing stud, hoop and instrument meets or exceeds all US FDA and EC European standards and regulations. Sterile Hygiene The Studex System 75 instrument uses a touch free method for loading and disposal* of used piercing stud cartridges providing safe, sterile piercing. Sure Grip The Studex System 75 instrument is designed to fit comfortably in hands of all sizes for accurate piercing. Patented Design The unique linear action of the instrument provides smooth operation delivering virtually pain free piercing.