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December Bezel (S-B) $2.45

Products are of high grade 314 surgical steel electro-plated in pure 24kt. gold. Products are manufactured from nickel safe surgical stainless steel and nickel free alloys with 24kt gold and palladium plating. Three sizes available: mini-2mm, regular-3mm, and large-4mm. All of these ear piercing studs are made of “surgical steel”- not “stainless steel.” Stainless steel can release minute amounts of nickel from the steel to cause irritation or trigger a skin allergy reaction. The word 'surgical' refers to the fact that these types of steel are well-suited for making surgical instruments: they are easy to clean and sterilize, strong and corrosion-resistant. When wearing expensive 12ct. and 14ct. posts some people can have sensitivities to the alloys that are used in making the earrings. Jewelry labeled 14ct. gold is made up of 58% pure 24ct. gold and 42% alloys. These alloys can consist of many different types of metals that will allow the pure gold enough hardness to form the jewelry piece. 24ct. gold is pure gold that has been refined and developed. There are NOT any nickel alloys in 24ct. gold.

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